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Red Carpet Glamour was founded in Toronto, 2014, by Pro Makeup Artist & Lash Stylist, Neelam Kaur.

We were in the market for a great local beauty experience that comprised of skill, hygiene, comfort, luxury AND affordability but were frustrated when we couldn't find any.  That's why we founded this studio - to offer what we lacked.

Fast-Forward a few years, we're sad to have left behind our Toronto clients but it's also been an exciting opportunity to have brought a new feel to Capital City OTTAWA.

As a Bridal Makeup Artist our work has been featured in Milni Magazine, South Asian Bride Magazine, The Wedding Planner Magazine.  Neelam Kaur has been awarded the 2013 Wedding Industry Expert Award along with nominations for 2018 Faces Magazine and 2018 Ottawa Wedding Awards.

We've also had the honour of being a part of more than 7 Destination Weddings in the past four years in countries such as Jamacia, Kenya and India.

When it comes to Eyelash Extensions, we're obsessed with getting our own lashes done so we know what it's like to go through a bad lash job. It's happened to us, more than a few times! Which is why we clean all our instruments with hospital grade disinfectant, change towels between appointments and have personalized lash trays for each client to prevent dust build-up or cross-contamination. We are 7x Certified in a combination of Classic and Volume Lash Extensions and highly recommend reading our preparation guide to get the most out of our appointment: _______________________ :).

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