Rules & Restrictions

Please understand that any lash extension issues are very time sensitive. We do our best to ask informative questions and ask you to fill out your client profile sheet as accurately as possible to proactively prevent issues from arising.

As lash technicians, we need to deal with lash issues promptly in order to analyze shed patterns, or other concerns and come up with a plan to correct and resolve any issues so they don't continue.

- Red Carpet Glamour must be notified within 48 hours of your appointment if there are any concerns with your semi-permanent lash extensions.

- After 48 hours, complimentary fix appointments are no longer available.

-Complimentary fix appointments must be completed within 5 days of the original date of your appointment.

-Standard 24 hour cancellation policy is applicable to fix appointments. If a fix appointment is no-showed or cancelled within 24 hours, client will no longer be eligible for a complimentary appointment, and will have to pay for a fill as usual.

- If you find your lashes have drastically shed within those first 48 hours we'd love to have you back in to correct the issue (please ensure all aftercare information has been closely followed). Please keep in mind that lashes do shed naturally and it is completely normal. If you find a few lashes shedding, this would not be considered for a complimentary 30 minute appointment.