Lash Fill Guidelines: When and How are my Eyelash Extensions Filled?

Why Do I Need To Refill My Eyelash Extensions?

Well, you got your eyelash extensions for a reason right?

Maybe, you wanted your mornings to be a little more effortless, your steps to have a little more pep or maybe you just wanted to feel a little more beautiful going about your day to day routine.

Whatever your reason may have been, we want to help you keep that little bit of happiness.

eyelash extension refill guidelines

What Happens During A Lash Fill?

You come in, we discuss how your lashes are doing, and any changes you or I may want to make to them in terms of style or application.

We then give them a deep cleanse to ensure they're squeeky clean for the application and yes - we will judge how you've been cleaning them at home.

From there, we remove and replace any grown out eyelash extensions and apply extensions to the new lash growth.

Ok, So How Much Time Do I need To Book?

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How do I know if my lashes are 40% full?

If you can count the number of lashes you have remaining, they are not 40% full.

How do I make sure I get the most out of my refill appointment?

  • Cleanse your lashes at home daily using an oil-free cleanser. Our lash cleansers are ophthalmologist tested and consist of a cleansing formula that not only effectively removes eye makeup but Contains a pH balanced foaming agent which aids in eye health and comfort

  •  Ensure there is little to no makeup residue in your lashes at the time of your appointment and skip the concealer if you can. The cleaner your lashes are at the time of the fill, the more time we can spend on applying new lashes! Mascara, even when cleaned, can create a barrier that will prevent the extensions from adhering which will decrease your retention.

  • Book the right amount of appointment time based on your needs. This may change depending on where you are in your lash growth cycle, hormones, activities, amount of makeup worn, skin type (warmer months = oilier skin) or aftercare

  • Arrive up on time, throw your phone on vibrate and skip the caffeine so you can thoroughly relax and enjoy your lash nap

What if I can't find any availability?

Our calendar is open to bookings up to 90 days in advance and our availability changes daily. We recommend pre-booking your next 2-3 fills before you leave the studio to secure your desired appointment slots.

Then, if something comes up, or you need to move your fill up sooner or later, you can reschedule the appointment via a link in the confirmation email as long as it's done more than 24 hours prior to your booked appointment.